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Expected Venue - Manchester Academy

Estimated Tour Date - Summer 2022

Things to Remember

What happens if the show isn't funded?

If the show doesn't reach its funding goal then you will be offered tickets to the closest show that is fully funded. If this does work for you then no money will be taken from your account. Read more...

Age Policy

You'll be able to check any age restrictions on events. Just search the event you're interested in and select the correct date. Once selected you'll see "Event Info & Restrictions" on the top left, and at the top, under the event name, it'll say "Please Note" and the age restrictions will be there. Read more...

Access Information

Just click the Accessible Tickets icon  - you'll see it on each event on our website ( to find out how to book accessible tickets or read the guide below. Read more...

Delivery Information

Check our Delivery Information page for the latest delivery information, updated daily. If you can't find what you're looking for, try searching the name of the artist/event in the search bar above. 

Tickets / Pledge

2 x Stalls (Standing)


2 x £30.00 


Standard Delivery (£5.95)


Your tickets will be delivered to the address you specify.

Refund Protection

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Yes, please protect my tickets


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I can apply for a refund if I am unable to attend this event due to accidents, unexpected illness or specified unforeseen circumstances. By adding to my order I confirm that I have read and accepted Booking Protect's terms and conditions.

No, do not protect my tickets.

I understand no refund can be given if I cannot attend.


2 x Stalls (Standing)


1 x Standard Delivery


0 x Refund Protection




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